I am not a geek. I used computer as an ordinary people.  I found myself interested into computer security related stuff around 2004, and active in some security related communities. I do security research as personal hobby, publish some articles, and wrote some code for private (rarely public) use.

Outside cyber world, I live with my wife and children. I am a lucky guy who got opportunities to work as Telecommunication Consultant for 5 years (2007-2011). As a consultant, I had opportunities to work abroad and live in various country with different culture to Indonesia. It was like adventure. My sail stopped sailing in 2011. I finish consulting job and stay permanently in Qatar since then.

Love to learn lot of thing, and used to feel 24 hours a day is not enough used to cause problem to myself. Always need more and more challenge in life, very easy to get bored, plan every single thing in details but also love to throw myself into trouble just to see un-expected thing happened. Safe zone make me feel comfort, but wild world make me feel alive.


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