My (old) Artificial Neural Networks Project

My friend and I were discussing about type of possible application to run on platform I developed currently, one of them is related to AI (Artificial Intelligence). He reminded me about an article I contributed around 10 years ago to one of local hacking community in Indonesia related to IT security. Actually that article was very light introduction about a family of model in AI called Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) based on my final project in college.

In machine learning and cognitive science, artificial neural networks (ANNs) are a family of models inspired by biological neural networks (the central nervous systems of animals, in particular the brain) and are used to estimate or approximate functions that can depend on a large number of inputs and are generally unknown. Artificial neural networks are generally presented as systems of interconnected “neurons” which exchange messages between each other. The connections have numeric weights that can be tuned based on experience, making neural nets adaptive to inputs and capable of learning.

For example, a neural network for handwriting recognition is defined by a set of input neurons which may be activated by the pixels of an input image. After being weighted and transformed by a function (determined by the network’s designer), the activations of these neurons are then passed on to other neurons. This process is repeated until finally, an output neuron is activated. This determines which character was read. Like other machine learning methods – systems that learn from data – neural networks have been used to solve a wide variety of tasks that are hard to solve using ordinary rule-based programming, including computer vision and speech recognition.wikipedia

IMHO, my final project in college was quite ‘failed’ at the time (even though I got ‘A’ :p) due to lack of input data. Access to internet was difficult, and I have no access to high traffic network. But the simple prototype was working fine. Here’s the snapshot of abstraction of that project.

Tugas Akhir - Abstract

Actually, these days I am more interested in ‘insight based on available fact or data‘ and ‘predictive analytics‘ instead of artificial intelligence, we’ll see if I will cross the path again one day with AI.


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