16 Personalities

It is good if you can understand others, but before that, you must understand yourselves very well. I used to think psychology is an essential knowledge since long time, and just found recently that we can group human (generally, of course) into 16 different different personalities. This website can help us determine which personality we have as of now (I said ‘now’, because I think people tend to change, so they can be INFJ one time, and INTJ once they grow older). But before taking the test, let’s ask ourselves if we have ever asked these questions before:

Have You Ever Wondered Why…

  • …you feel energetic in some situations and exhausted in others?
  • …you sometimes find it difficult to convince your boss, colleague, or client?
  • …you seem to have an unsettling “dark side” that only comes out in rare circumstances?
  • …your dreams and idealism are so often misunderstood?
  • …you often contemplate whether you are being true to yourself?
  • …you find it easier to talk to some people, but not to others?
  • …you often feel lost when it comes to attracting fulfilling relationships or simply taking the first step?
  • …you are not quite sure how to reach your full potential in a world that sometimes seems so foreign to you?
  • …your friends sometimes say you are special and mysterious?
  • …you have difficulties studying certain subjects?

If we tend to ask above questions it means we’re looking some guidelines to understand ourselves. You can then start taking the test by answering questions from this link: http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test.

In the end, you’ll be presented with summary of your personalities. The test are free, but if you want to know more about your personalities in-depth, then you should buy the book describing more detail about your personalities. I have no relation at all with them, so no intent to advertise their product, btw 🙂


I am not sure with others, but I found the book content is really valuable. There are lot of description i.e how INFJs people dealing with their live, as well as suggestion how to deal with various issue faced by INFJs people. After reading the book I can answer my own question about “why”, “how” things happened, “how” I deal with task at work, “how” I deal with people, etc.  We all have negative side for sure, however, by having a good knowledge of ourselves it will help us dealing with ourselves better.  We can then practice to manage ourselves achieving better goal in our live.


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