Do Not Disturb – iOS

My iPhone has been acting weird during past 2 months, always failed every time people calling in first attempt. When they tried to call second time, then the call will go through. But the call should be made immediately after first attempt. How can I know somebody calling and failed? in Ooredoo Qatar network, when somebody called and tone is busy or subscriber not reachable or missed a call then SMS will be sent once subscriber reachable. I used to see SMS coming from people who tried to reach me.

Another strange issue is, I kept receiving SMS but the phone even not ringing. The phone is exactly on my desk and I am working on my laptop, it is not possible that I don’t hear the phone ringing.

Actually, as Telecom engineer, I thought this can be serious issue. It could be problem in radio network, or even in core, or specific issue to iPhone 5s within ooredoo network. If only the issue happened within specific area i.e at my home, then it would be fine (at least I am not a VIP subscriber 😉 ), understandable since the coverage in the area is not good. But if the issue happened when I am roaming everywhere in Qatar then it is not good. So I started asking to some colleague if they have similar complain from customer related to this issue, more specifically for people using iPhone 5S.

I also suspecting the issue caused by the phone itself, maybe the hardware broken, or the software not function properly, so start thinking to restore the phone software (iOS). Before restore, I tried to googling a bit in case other people having similar issue with iPhone 5s, and the result? YES it is. Here’s one of discussion about this issue.

Do Not Disturbe

I realize about the moonlight sign in the top corner, but never aware what the meaning is. I’ve been using iPhone since 2008, did a lot of experiment since then, jailbreak here and there, restore here and there, and finally stopped doing so since last year. That’s why not really interested to explore more what that moonlight sign mean in iOS 7.

By seeing above snapshot, everything is clear. And that’s the very reason why first attempt always failed, but when anyone from same number trying to call again within 3 minutes then the call will go through.

I believe operator should be aware about this kind of feature since latest phone these days has capability to block call, even filter some number to be in blacklist. Some people might accidentally activate the feature, or when their children play with their phone, or the software functionality inside the phone itself not working properly so it mistakenly block any number due to some bug. When complain come, the telecom engineer might spend few hours or even days to figure out what the problem is, just to find out later that the issue was with the user’s phone itself.


One thought on “Do Not Disturb – iOS

  1. it was just because you activated do not disturb mode 😉 A small thing that affects so much pain..

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