Short Trip to Germany

I had a short trip last month to Munich, Germany. It was 3 days training. The training itself from 09:00 AM – 16:00 PM so not much chance to explore Munich. Well, actually I arrived there on Sunday afternoon, so basically had a time to explore more but unfortunately lot of places closed on Sunday. And since it was my first trip to Germany, I had to learn few stuff such as its transportation system (bus, subway).

I am a bit surprised when landed there, the landscape of Munich was so nice. I knew from several travel site that Munich is capital of bavaria, and lot of historical building in bavaria such as castle, but didn’t expect that Munich is surrounded with farms and green environment. The weather also very nice at the time, it was spring (End of May) and I had to use jacket. Summer in Qatar at the time already started, so I enjoyed a lot the weather in Munich.

I loved history, places with modern architecture is nice but I prefer to experience the historical places or building. I was excited to know that we can reach lot of historical places from Munich easily, unfortunately I can’t visit them on this trip. The most place I would like to visit is Neuschwanstein Castle, I read the journey to reach there is through various beautiful landscape. The castle itself is a historical one, and also inspired by disneyland for castle in a movie such as sleeping beauty. There are also some other castle as part of bavarian history.

Neuschwanstein Castle taken from Wikipedia
Neuschwanstein Castle taken from Wikipedia

I didn’t take lot of photos during the trip as I preferred to go around and enjoy the city myself. I only use camera from my iPhone 5s to take some picture. I didn’t want bothered by bringing DSLR around and hunting good pictures. Lot of thing amazed me in Munich. One of them is people bike everywhere. Everywhere. Adults, kids, man on suite going to office, parents taking their kids, its like everybody is using bike. Public transportation in Munich also very good, and they are integrated very well with Google maps. You can set direction from one place to other places, check which public transportation to use, get the exact time when the next scheduled bus / subway, and be on time at bus shelter or subway station. The public transport will come at exact time. If you’re using bus, you can check how long the bus will arrive on the shelter.


Enough said, here are some picture.

I am a bit confused whenever looked at these pictures as it seems the building was not ‘straight’, I am pretty sure holding my iPhone correctly so I guess people there are the one who built those building with that style? The issue was due to leveling problem as explained by Teddy Tirtawidjaja below. Thanks!!

Well, I hope can visit Munich again with family someday, and for sure I will plan to explore more the cities as well as other places in Bavaria. ๐Ÿ™‚


5 thoughts on “Short Trip to Germany

  1. nice picture Syid…I think the building looks ‘not straight’ was because your iphone didn’t level with the building ๐Ÿ™‚
    I had same experience with iPhone as well, not iPhone fault nor the architectural style, simply because the leveling problem (

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