Cadillac CTS 2014

I’ve shared a story about problem on my cadillac srx4 before, and last month is time for another regular service. Regular service in cadillac is indicated by percentage displayed on dashboard, once it is reaching under 5% then we should do the regular service (most importantly oil change).

In previous story, knocking sound from front side finally disappear. Thanks to service advisor from Mannai named Baiju, he did a wonderful job to make sure noise removed completely. According to him, problem was with steering bracket. I was about to make an arrangement with mobile service (Mannai will come with a big car and do the regular maintenance at my home) but in the end I bring the car to Mannai garage again, 2 main problem this time: sound from rear side, and also the bad smell from A/C.

I don’t really care about sound from rear side since I think it is not dangerous, but well…I got 4 years full service warranty so why not make it disappear. If any part need to be replaced, it will be under warranty so free of charge. Regarding A/C, they will check but most probably they will do full cleaning (not sure what the term is) and cost me around 350 QR. It is fine, since the car is almost 3 years and used in gulf country with all the dust around. The car also used to go for omra before, taking around 1500 KM from doha-mecca-medina-doha, so it worth to paid the A/C service.

One week passed without result, according to Baiju the noise from rear side still there. They still can’t find the root cause. I told him that I need the car, it’s been one week without a car and difficult especially since I had to take my daughter to school in the morning. I told him to let the issue there, and I will bring the car back once he got replacement car so I can use it while they work on the noise issue. He can work on the A/C and then I will take my car out from the garage.

At this stage, he showed me that he is a very good service advisor. He want to solve the issue of my cadillac completely, and promised that he will try his best to find the replacement car immediately so I don’t need to take my car, if he still can’t find the replacement car then he will let me go with the noise issue still there. I am surprised that he can get the car, and much better…he give cadillac CTS 2014 as replacement car!

Well, I had a full option cadillac and according to dealer I deserved to get premium service for my car. I was expecting the premium service before, but as I wrote on first stories here, I think it is difficult to get good service here, especially for foreigner, more specifically…for foreigner from Asia such as Indonesia *cough*. But service is depend on who give the service, if you can find good person then he will give best service to his customer without looking at customer’s background. And since I met this one service advisor, I always get premium service for my cadillac 🙂

I am crazy with interior design of any car, and cadillac is one of the car I loved for its interior. The other thing I loved from Cadillac is its technology inside. 2014 model get a new computer design technology plant into its dashboard. Lot of new features such as flat design on dashboard, alarms on blind spot whenever it detect any car within blind spot area, vibrate on driver’s seat instead of beeping noise to warned driver for event i.e collision while parking (we can configure to use beeping noise as well), etc etc. 2014 model can also detect if any potential collision / accident going to happen, one time the car in front of me had a sudden brake, it is still quite far away from me but cadillac can sense it and warned me through dashboard display as well as driver’s seat vibrate. Lovely!


That’s a bit story. Now, some picture of this awesome CTS 2014.

I love CTS new body. It got new eyes, longer body, sporty + luxury looks.

As I said before, luxury interior. I never realize before that bright color (light brown here) for seat is very nice. However, the sporty-sedan model like this not suitable when you have small kids. They usually laying down on my SUV srx4 cadillac and it still bit comfortable. But in sedan, no enough space for both of them. Even the sporty model like this not comfortable as well for adults, limited space for your legs. But again, it is sporty. The most suitable is for teenager, or the cars for you and your wife only, while the kids should go with SUV. right? :p

Cadillac also *finally* put manual gear on the steer, not sure with 2012-2013 model, but previous CTS I used (I think it was prior 2011) didn’t put that sporty gear on the steer.

The sensors is placed on 6 areas. Useful not only for parking purpose, but also to detect before collision happened as well as if anything coming from blind spot areas.

Also there is a vallet lock, make you feel more safety while using vallet services (suitable if I can bring this car to Indonesia :P).

The GPS map also get a new look compare to previous one. Unfortunately, the map data is still using the old one. Cadillac should make a map system integrated to services such as google thorough internet for example. There are lot of road change here in Qatar, and Google (NOKIA HERE as well although not as good as google from last time I checked) is the best updated maps so far.

These are important update, at least for me. I used to have difficulties with blind spot, usually I moved myself a bit to front just to see if there any car coming from blind spot area before taking some turn to left or right side. With the alarm coming on side mirror showing notification whenever anything coming on blind spot I don’t have to move my body anymore.

The upgrade on entertainment systems is crucial. In my 2011 model, iPhone can only be connected through cable, and it can’t detect iPhone 5s (nano cable interface), and surprisingly can’t play the audio through bluetooth. On this 2014 CTS, the iPhone bluetooth is working well not only to deliver the audio from iPhone library but also to play audio from iPhone apps such as iRadio (Indonesian Radio channel). As can be seen on the pic, the display is showing the song name playing on the radio.


Cadillac is such a lovely brand. Feeling grateful to receive such wonderful premium service from Mannai service advisor, I hope all their service advisor would do the same thing for all their customer.

I checked the 2014 Cadillac CTS price from and it cost 235k QR for the new one, it is definitely more expensive than my car which is on their garage right now. I guess I just very lucky this time, yes?! 😛


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