Cadillac Service in Qatar

I’ve never been a fans of cadillac service here in Qatar since buy srx4 two years ago, not until recently. The service centre in industrial area is always full, always. Even for regular maintenance service I had to leave the car at least 2-3 days there. It is difficult for me since I have only one car, leaving the car at garage means I have to arrange taxi to work, it is quite stressful especially since the nature of my work is to be standby all the time 24/7 in case some problem happened and I have to go on site immediately (imagine that happened in the middle of night). There are at least 3 other garage in Qatar but they have limited service only, if you have problem then the one in industrial area is the only destination.

There are some saying that cadillac is a luxury brand, it supposed to be giving luxury service to its customer. Maybe it is true in US, but unlikely to be here in Qatar. One time, I had a squirting sound whenever I applied the brake. Service advisor in GM service here told me to change the brake-pad. The car was less than one year at the time, how can the brake-pad worn-out? However, I preferred to follow his advise because the broken brake-pad would cause more serious cases. I had to pay for the brake-pad and its installation services since it is not part of warranty (oh, btw, we have 4 years / 100k KM warranty if we buy cadillac which is cool). Sound disappear…for only 2 weeks. The squirting sound coming back after that. I called the guy angrily and all he can said that it has been replaced.

At least 3-4 times in my first year having the car, I let it stay 2-3 days in garage for regular maintenance or mechanical related problem (like the sound of brake, or some knocking sound). Another time, I heard about mobile service for regular maintenance (in cadillac, there is a percentage indicator, when it reach less than 5% we have to do regular maintenance service) and replacement car, I asked both to service advisor but according to him, for regular maintenance, it is required to bring the car to garage since they will do full maintenance and mobile service is not enough, and replacement car is subject to car maintenance outside regular one.

For every after maintenance service, somebody from GM called me (as I remembered, it was GM dubai) in order to ask how I rate their maintenance service. I never interested to respond seriously to such question, and usually just say “the service OK”. After paying for the brake-pad which is not the root cause of the problem, whenever GM called for the service rate I told the lady that I was very much disappointed to their service. I lost money while the problem was still there. From 1-5 rate star, I give them the lowest one and ask her if I can possibly give “zero” star.

The result was surprised me, less than 5 minutes later somebody from GM service center in Qatar called me. She asked about my complaint, and tried to calm me by requesting to bring the car back to garage. She tried to explain all the service they have for their customer such as mobile service for regular maintenance and replacement car, in the end she request me to re-rate their service and giving higher star. I told her that I lost my trust already to their service and won’t bring it back.

It seems service rate was very important in GM, since then I received few other call regarding my complaint. I don’t remember when they stopped calling, but I didn’t bring the car back to garage for that squirting case.

In the following months, the car’s oil percentage was reaching zero while I am driving back from saudi to Qatar. It was my first omra with family, and driving from Qatar to saudi. The oil percentage reaching zero when we’re in riyadh. When I bring the car to GM garage for regular maintenance, I met different service advisor (will keep his name for now). I just met him that day since he is the one who received my car at the time. He simply told me that in saudi I can go to GM garage in riyadh because cadillac customer can use their middle-east service center anywhere within middle-east area (UAE, Qatar, Saudi, etc). Nobody told me about that before, so that’s a good information.

The guy asked me if I have some other problem with the car to be checked during that regular maintenance service. There is one problem I experienced since buy the car in 2011. While driving in bad road, I can hear ‘knocking’ sound. I am not sure where it is located, but for sure everybody sitting in front seat can hear it. I bring this case in every regular maintenance before and tried to explain it for every service advisor I met, but none of them can solve the case. When this new guy asked me, I was already tired and told him nobody in his company can solve it since 2 years back. But the guy respond seriously, and he showed me his will to solve it. He told me, if I have holiday and chance to leave the car in garage, he will check it for me. He told me it will take time, so that’s why he suggest to bring it if I don’t really need the car.

He also the one told me that I can use their mobile service for regular maintenance if I don’t have any other serious problem to check, no need to bring the car to garage. Just call, make an appointment, and GM mobile service will come. They will do the maintenance (of course for free) at my home, and will take only few hours. In GM garage, service always full so cars is always in queue (I think they need to apply better scheduling system like the one in honda).

This one service advisor is different. He is very good in communication as well compare to other service advisor I met before. And he was telling the truth. The next regular maintenance, I called for mobile service. The big car is coming to my compound, they do it in evening time after I am going back from work. The only complaint I had was bad smell from A/C. The mechanic changed the air filter for A/C and no more bad smell after that. Since then, GM service in Qatar get my trust back with one note: I trust only this one service advisor.

Since GM service here always having problem with maintenance scheduling, if I find problem with the car, I always called that one service advisor, explain the problem, and he tried to explain me what the root cause might be. After his explanation, I decided what to do. Instead of bringing the car to garage, I prefer to solve it by myself.

This week, my daughter had school day off. And not much to do at job due to end of year, network is freeze as well. So it is a good time to bring the car to garage. I contacted the service advisor and he is on duty. I come to meet him and reporting 5 problem including the ‘knocking’ sound. I am the man who kept my words, so expecting the same from other. I count this guy as the one who kept his promises as well, and I can see he is taking it seriously to solve all the cases I reported.

I still have to leave the car at garage, well…I am ready for that as long as all the cases solved. Those are pretty serious and related to mechanical. I can bring the car to other american garage, they’re good as well (I tested before to fix my A/C) but since my car still under warranty then it is better to bring to GM service garage so the replaced spare part are all free.

This service advisor promising at least 1 week for them to finish my car. After 5 days, I called him to get the progress and he said the problem is more difficult to track. They solved 3 of 5 cases already, but especially the one with knocking sound still not. They still couldn’t find what the root cause is. He is aware that I need a car, and since the job take time and he is willing to solve it for me, the guy offered me to take replacement car. The guy is awesome. I know the car is subject to availability, and in Qatar GM customer is full of VIP people (especially the local one 🙂 ), either I am lucky this time (maybe VIP people are in holiday since this is end of year and school days off) or this service advisor really tried his best effort to arrange the replacement car for me.

GM give me a CTS as replacement car. I guess since I had cadillac so the replacement car they give is cadillac as well. Actually I and my wife was joking once we know about replacement car, she said GM will give us a small sedan just like the one we used earlier from rental company, or maybe some small pickup :p.

Well, if they always have such a treatment all the time and since first time, I would be more than happy to say that GM service is really luxury. However, I think it is depend on the service advisor itself. The other service advisor was (sorry) suck, but this one is really good one. As a customer, I see GM service as a whole based on their service subjected to their service advisor. I think it is normal, their service advisor is the one facing customer. It is similar to the nature of my work as well, I am facing the customer directly and handling their problem, if I did it badly for sure my customer will say that my company service is bad.

Since I gave GM service here a bad rate, every after regular maintenance they never called anymore. Maybe they registered my name not to be included for customer satisfaction survey he…he…he. However, if after this big service my cadillac problem solved I will happily give the service its highest star. Even if not i.e due to more serious problem so knocking case is out of their capability and it is a factory-fault one, I will keep mention this one service advisor as the best in customer satisfaction survey.

Last, some gallery for cadillac CTS. I like this car, interior is almost similar to my SRX-4 but the power is more. Driving seat is comfortable as well, it feels like driving an american muscle car with luxury interior.

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UPDATE: The knocking sound is still there. Service advisor and I took a test drive and it was OK, but soon after I nearly arrived home can hear the sound again. The sound getting louder since then and not only on uneven road but also on normal road at slow speed (~20-30 km/h). I called the service advisor again and he asked me to bring the car again, once we took the test drive together he confirmed the sound is coming. I can reproduce it well now, whenever rear tire at speed hump and on low speed immediately applied the brake (position of rear tire is higher then) then I can hear the sound from backside. According to service advisor, it is the similar cause to ‘knocking’ problem which usually sourced around front tire and not related to brake problem. Since oil percentage is around 13%, he suggest to call him whenever it around 7% so he can arrange the replacement car, and once it reach 5% I can bring the car to him for regular maintenance plus analysing more of this case.

UPDATE 2: After second time in the garage for the knocking sound, FINALLY, the sound coming from front side disappear. According the service advisor, it was due to steering bracket. However, the sound coming from rear side still there. I can only guess they won’t change everything in a shot (no? 🙂 ), so a little bit like “take again here and we’ll fix the rear one” hehe. Well, anyway, after 2 years the root cause is identified. At least for the next regular maintenance they can deal with the rear one. Hopefully it won’t cause any serious risk.


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