Cadillac – Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

I had the problem few days ago related to TPMS, the warning LED appear in dashboard as shown below.

air tire 1

Ok, so I think it just a small problem and computer system in cadillac telling the air pressure is in minimum value. The worst scenario I thought was something like nail hitting the tire, but the pressure not decreased a lot so I just bring the car to woqod. The indicator light clearly shown right-side of front tire, the pressure for that part is 25. The garage guy put air pressure to 35 as instructed on the cadillac doors. However, when I restart the machine the light indicator still showing that part of tire is still having low air pressure. I asked him to check the other left-side of front tire and he said the pressure was 30, then I simply told him to make the right-side as 30 as well. Light still coming, the very first come to mind was sensor broken.

I don’t like dealing with mannai, the process would take looong time here in Qatar since queue is full everyday. The same answer when I called one of the mannai guy, he said if I bring the car there then it would take at least one day to check so I have to leave the car on garage.

I tried to read again the manual book of cadillac srx4 at home, and finally find something interesting. The thing was, before I left to saudi for omra few months ago, I rotoate the car’s tire. According to manual book, whenever we rotate the tire then we should reactivate the learning system of TPMS. In summary, because I rotated the tire then indicator shown in TPMS is not for the correct tire.

air tire 2

As written on the book, by following the instruction cadillac will reactivate the learning system to set sensor from each tire in TPMS. The process was quite easy. So I go again to woqod and follow as per instruction for all the tire. After that turn-off the machine and set all tire pressure is set to 35, then start the machine.

Voila. The light indicator disappear and TPMS back to normal (240 Kpa ~ 35 ).

air tire 3


2 thoughts on “Cadillac – Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

  1. As your blog’s follower, I remember that this post was kind of long, explained about customer services, described more about your experiences, and displayed more pictures. Did you modify this post? Hehe, I could be wrong though ^^

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