The Power of NOKIA HERE

I am not a fans of nokia mobile phone except for its maps feature. I own nokia lumia 920 mostly because it is needed at work (LTE Testing), compare to iPhone or samsung s4 the user experience apps is still far away. However, several time here in Doha I was ‘saved’ by nokia’s maps. Whenever I lost, or looking for some places which is not appear in google maps for some reason it is shown in nokia maps. After lumia 920 which come with HERE feature, the maps is become more interesting one.

I’ve been struggling developing a web apps for Qatar related, and maps is one of difficult problem to solve so far. Why? because whenever using google maps, some places hasn’t been pinned out. Lot of application using google map feature display the wrong location i.e LULU Hypermarket in Doha, one of its branch location within its own website pointing to absolutely wrong places. I got the answer while developing my own apps, with google maps if we’re defining location which is unknown or defining address which is unknown then it will simply take the part which is known to google. Simple sample, if we put location address to ‘abu hamour, messaimeer road, doha’ it will choose a location of abu hamour as pinpointed in google maps. Not even closed to messaimeer road. In order to get details location you should be able to define lat/long with google maps.

I haven’t tried with unknown location using nokia’s HERE feature, but so far especially in doha area, nokia knows even small business places like restaurant in doha. Just yesterday I was looking for lulu express near gharafa which was easily shown by my nokia lumia, and based on that experience I look around for nokia HERE developer API. It is there! not only that, even the wordpress plugin is there! Well, as currently I am developing the apps on top of wordpress engine then this is a big thing. The quick test show nokia HERE’s power compare to google maps, I am able to locate “admiral’s restaurant” which was unknown to google but known to HERE.

nokia wordpress plugin

That’s all. And whenever we open the post, reader can easily find “get direction” link to show route path from his / her current location to that restaurant as shown below.

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 2.28.25 PM

nokia here direction

I’ve been reading an article about speculation of NSN sold to another company, the article pointed that one of most valuable product from nokia is its maps, now I can see clearly the reason.

Time to play around, and if everything stable then I will just switch to use HERE for geo location.


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