Running apps inside citrix

A polish colleague once told that me he can poped-up an internet application through remote access provided by our office. The remote access originally only give web interface to make specific connection to remote machine, i.e for ssh it will pop-up a putty, for sftp it will pop-up a winscp, for RDP it will pop-up remote desktop window. That’s all. In our system, we most of the time need to access web service on non-standard port, and need internet explorer for that. We can use RDP to connect into metaframe server inside remote network (same network with various server I need to access) then open internet explorer, but most of the time for various reason it would be more convenient if we can just open internet explorer directly from citrix itself, means bypass the limitation provided by remote access interface. It is some kind an old school trick :).

First, just choose to open ssh connection to any server. It will pop-up a putty window,

Right-click on putty window, and choose new session. It will open putty new session window:

Then choose session -> logging, and click browse to choose file:

Locate where Internet Explorer is, choose it but don’t push save button. Instead, right-click on IEXPLORE icon and choose open:

It will open internet explorer application within citrix context. Means if you are provided with remote access and the only interface is through web interface with no other choice than opening ssh through putty window, this cute little trick can be used to open any application on that citrix. It is like security bugs (bugs in a way remote access is implemented, not the bugs on citrix itself), but useful for some engineers :).


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