iPhone App Fieldtest

Somehow 4 new apps appear on my iPhone home screen after unplugged from usb. I don’t know the cause yet, but I just assumed this is an abnormal situation since I jailbreak the iPhone and maybe iTunes doing something on the phone when it’s disconnected.

Here’s the snapshot of 4 additional apps (without icon, white color):

An interesting apps is FieldTest, it is like updated record of baseband part. And this new apps just catch various information and show them on screen.

This is interesting. Until now, I just use osmocomm-bb to see that kind of ‘fieldtest’ information. Yes, every cellular phone (feature phone & smartphone) should also have that kind of information, but not easily share to user. No idea if such apps available in cydia, but this is clearly show that kind of information is retrievable from iPhone. Here are some more snapshot taken from FieldTest apps which consist of various fun stuff, mostly related to PS (Packet Switch) data:

1) is Apple trying to retrieve current location of me to be sent via itunes?at least I just remember few minutes before I unplugged the iPhone, for the first time iTunes show error message telling server had problem and can’t log me in to view my account.

2) is this information recorded into filesystem by apple? if so then security community should make shellcode to retrieve such information in addition to shellcode such as steal sms or vibrating the phone.

3) is there any official application for this?if so, then it would be benefit for telco field engineer. Especially if we can program it :).

UPDATE 1: yes, fieldtest is known feature. even though I still had no idea why it suddenly come (and disappear soon after respring) but this is known feature since long time as written here, and according to this blog the feature come again after ios 4.1.

Dialing *3001#12345#* will pop this feature up.


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