NSN is finishing in pakistan?

The very first page of my blog was created during my 1st overseas project in pakistan for telenor. I used other url for wordpress at the time which no need to mention anymore as it is already deleted few days back :). Just few hours ago, old friend who worked with me back then in pakistan shared a link in facebook regarding swap of telenor’s network by ZTE. I worked for HLRi project in telenor, and it was swapped already by Huawei around 1-2 years after I finish job in pakistan. Nothing new. But complete swap this time shows NSN will take down their operation in pakistan. At least from comments in facebook, it seems will happen in near time as NSN is left with almost nothing in pakistan.

Actually this is not surprising. Apart from layoff strategy this year, taking down business in some country which is predicted not so good anymore should be also part of the plan. Let’s not see business from one side only like bad management or bad product or bad team work, but also G2G (Government to Government). The national rush in pakistan raised near end of 2007, and after that year huawei successfully swap HLRi in telenor project. It is not secret anymore that china is a super power country with super economic and financial, and also not a secret G2G agreement will affect business strategy.

I used to hear the rules for people who live within telco world, everyone in telco especially vendor should maintain 2nd and 3rd skill set as backup in case the worst worst case happened. Nothing secure. I guess this is one of the sample, we can’t control factor like G2G even though we already try our best at work, isn’t it?


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