+++ for iSubtitle

So, been looking for this kind of software for looong time. Even using macbook for 4 years now, I am not really into osx apps freak who know various stuff for mac by reading various mac’s forum. I used to had difficulties of looking kind of software but have no idea where to start looking, or even google it because have no idea what’s the right keyword to search.

I’ve been looking for app to ripp movies, torrent for tv serial like detective castle were everywhere. The subtitles also everywhere, BUT, sometimes I would like to watch those warez on other media like iPhone, real television, or even in car dvd player. The iDevice were great, iPhone or iPad can be used to watch various favorite movies while we’re in mobile or even connect it through some cable to television to watch it on big flat tv screen. The problem was, when watching in laptop I can use VLC to have subtitles “on” while the movies is playing, but from stuff like iPhone/iPod/iPad it’s not possible. And for serial like detective castle where lot of “american terms” there, watching without english subtitle would make you feel dumb.

Back to my “cave men” behavior, failed to find the “right” software to merge a subtitle into a movie to be exported into iDevice format, well…it was just over by now. This morning I find out about iSubtitle. I found the app from one of (my fave) Indonesian warez site (no idea if I am allowed to publish it, but the stuff there just AWESOME), watching the demo (movie) would be sufficient to see how it work, and that’s what I am looking for such a long time.

Above is the result when viewed in iPhone. It’s really really compatible with iDevice, as seen, we can choose the subtitle (english, arabic, indonesian, etc) as long as the subtitle was available and exported using iSubtitle.

And, with additional cable setup, the movie from iDevice (iPad, iPhone) can be used as in-car entertainment.

My wife loved it so much as she can watch indian movies on road :).

So, being mobile will be more convenient with subtitle’d movies, yes?


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