Google+ circle v.s Facebook status filtering

When I read about circle features of Google+ compare to facebook status for the first time it really surprise me. I can’t believe my eyes that Google+ trying to say Facebook had no such features to filter who you wan’t to see your piece of word on ‘status’ message. I’ve been paranoid person since realizing about security and privacy on Internet, so among the stuff I have done so far to my Facebook account is filtering access to group of friends, so yes…facebook have such a feature (even though not perfect yet).

The reason used by Google+ over facebook is something like this: supposed you want to say something about your boss in office, you want your close friends read about ‘what’s on your mind’ but of course you don’t want your boss read about that via his facebook. Google+ offer these kind of features through circles like below,

So then we’re talking about what google said as *stream* right?! Your share words will only appear in specific circles of friend.

How about facebook? Check this out,

In facebook, we can manage our friends into one or several groups. In example above, a group of undergr0und people which I never met directly in real world and I don’t even know if they are friends, another hacker who pretend to be my friend, a bureau of investigation (ok, just kiddine, I am a good person. I don’t believe bureau investigation trying to sneak on me :p), or even any criminal. I have several groups such as close friends, family, etc. So at this point, I use *list* feature of Facebook to manage group of my friends.

So, if one day I wanna shout about this kind of word through status in Facebook and I don’t want people within underground groups read it through their news feeds, I will simply use below method:

When I about to post *status*, all I need just click the “lock” pict and a window of “Custom Privacy” will popup. I can add specific friend or a group of friend to hide my status from them. That simple.

But when I dig about this feature at the first time, I found the feature is not perfect yet. Through this kind of method, our status won’t appear on our blocked friends but they still able to see that status if they browse our profile and see our wall. This is a little bit annoying (and maybe yes, circles is better on this), but still we can overcome the problem by putting all group of friends as “Default Setting”. See the “Make this my default setting” on custom privacy window above?you can manage all your friend into specific list then put all the list as default setting. Every time you want share something, you can choose which group you want to hide from and which group of friends able to see the status. By putting a group as default setting, all friends within that group (list) can’t see your wall at all. So as default, your friends within that specific lists can’t browse your wall to see your previous shared link or status. This is the problem with Facebook. I don’t know why Facebook hasn’t implement such algorithm so if we hide status from people or group of people, then they can’t see that status from our wall. Maybe it’s expensive to be implemented?

Apart from that problem, we can see that Google+ advertisement about circles is not fully correct. So, can we say that Google+ is late?


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