Slow startup of google chrome

I realized every after sometime using google chrome (in OSX, no idea for other OS), the startup process is getting slower. If I clicked the apps, it seems trying to load something heavy and take more than 10 s with final result “Aw, Snap” and I have to choose between Kill Pages or Wait. I really don’t understand why It is happening.

Today as I come across the help page of google chrome, there’s method to re-create profile. Aftre re-create profile, the load of google chrome is extremely fast as like fresh install. Since I curious which stuff made it work slow at startup, I tried to copy one-by-one files such as History, Database folders, etc into new profile directory and the tried to restart google chrome. It’s really confusing since even all files and directories from old profile is copied back into new profile directory, the google chrome behave normally. It loads very fast.

Well, too lazy digging more about this thing. At least, when chrome is getting slow again during startup, I’ll just need to recreate the profile and move stuff like “Full History” into new profile directory. In case the same problem happend to you, this solution seems to work well.


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