A Poem's of 10\/3

I just cleaning-up some stuff from facebook and then found the only Notes I ever create there. Posting it now here,

do you know how’s the feeling of first love?
yes, it’s awesome
you feel happy
you think can do anything with her
you’ll start imagine spending day and night time in future with her

that’s what i feel when the first time met ruby
i fall in love by it’s flexibility
everything is easy with her
i fall in love by it’s charming
yes, she’s charming
it’s totally difficult to explain
it just…you feel fun and enjoy every time you’re doing together with her

i spent 4 years already with her
working on a lot of stuff
produce various kind of thing together
even for simple thing i always insist to be with her

but heart is a weird thing
i thought would never fall in love again or give my heart to anything else
it seems changed now

i met django just for coincidence
i know her parents, python
several times i tried to like her parent and always come to failure
but django changed it
django not only show me her charmed, her flexibility
but amazingly also her richness

oh yes, i thought rich is not important at first
i mean, with our love, ruby and i can create lot of thing
we can create our own library and use it
we can be rich together

django come from rich family
her richness made my life even more easier
seriously, it seems we not only able to reach wonderful life together
but also seem she could make my life even much more easier
thanks for her richness
thanks to her parents
thanks to python

so i feel like fall in love at the first sight, again
i am a [hu]man
and this is virtual world
there’s no such a limitation like ‘4’ right? ;p
i need them to make my life more colorful within this world

ruby and python are both great
i can spend several night with ruby, and other night with python
wondering if that’s possible to perform like ‘two-some’ or something…
well…someday, probably?

** note **
ruby: http://www.ruby-lang.org/
python: http://www.python.org/
django: http://www.djangoproject.com/


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