I think this is the very first time I made a blog regarding my second child, Muhammad ‘Azmi Rasya El-shirazy. I have to admit that having first child and the second one is a little bit different, when jasmine was born I put a lot her pict online since I was crazy to take her photo all the time. Well, there’s always first time for everything :).

Rasya is a little bit different. He like to cry loudly and stay awake in the night. Even though not stay awake, he like to be hold at night and cry loudly when his mother put him on the bed. He behave just like when I was a baby boy (according to my parents of course :p ). So, I and my wife made a schedule to be on standby at night, I know it should be my job all the time especially since currently no active project I handled during the day, but since we also taking care new house and just move to this new house, I used to felt asleep early at night and can’t handle rasya, so his mother put on duty.

When my time is come, I used to hold him while also hold my laptop in another hand, or singing, or take him a walk around the house when he cried and back to work on something in laptop after he back to sleep. It just like having a new friend when I am doing some geeky stuff in the middle of night :).

Here’s a pic of him, just felt asleep after crying loudly.

There’s a time when baby sleep time will be fixed and not stay awake at night, meanwhile, at this time, I am quite enjoying become a nerd at night with this little boy around :).


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