OSX, USB-to-Serial and ALOM

HLRd system use SUN machines for its HLR-FE, and recent SUN’s machine has ALOM (Advanced Lights Out Manager) to manage the server. Recently, 3 HLR-FE had problem with ALOM NET MGMT interface, thus I can’t connect to ALOM using network connection. The only way is using default connection, it require serial cable to connect.

I am using MacBook, and like recent common laptop there’s no serial port. So the only way to use usb-to-serial cable for connecting to serial port on SUN’s machine. The cable already packaged with driver for Linux, OSX, and Windows. It’s very easy to install, but if you don’t have the driver or it’s lost, you can try to use prolific driver.

The driver wouldn’t create permanent link to device via /dev filesystem, but it will automatically create when we connect the serial connection to peer port. In my macbook, it create /dev/tty.usbserial file. We can connect through ZTerm, but since default OSX terminal application support ASCII communication, I can just use terminal.app to connect to ALOM serial management interface using:

$ screen /dev/tty.usbserial 9600

And it just simply connected to ALOM.

Ah ya, regarding problem of NET MGMT interface is not enabled even though configuration already applied on ALOM, it will be solved by resetting the ALOM (resetting the ALOM won’t reboot the host server, thus safe to be done in live system). A friend of mine from Fujitsu told me sometime ALOM is like hanging (??!@?!) and reset is necessary to make it work properly again.


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