Restore Microsoft Entourage Mails

Before leaving to Georgia, I reinstall my MacBook from scratch. But I already backed up everything inside my OS X using time machine to external harddisk. After reinstallation, I realized hadn’t save all my email from entourage. I don’t know much about how Microsoft Entourage works, but I believe there’s feature to export before reinstall and then import email after fresh install. There’s lot of knowledge from past experience working on Tanzania project as HLRi consultant, and whole of those email are very important for me.

I didn’t try harder to look a way for restoring those email, but some search using google didn’t show some good result at that time.

Just now, Given, a friend of mine who work for Vodacom project ask about solution of problem we ever had in Tanzania few months ago. I don’t remember how to solve it, but I am sure it was written on one of my archive email during work for Tanzania project. So I am curious for trying to look once again about how Microsoft Entourage work, and it made me come into this site.

Everything is clear there. What I need to do just open time machine from current OSX, use previous external harddisk to find location of “Office 2008 Identities”, and restored. And then use “switch identities” from Microsoft Entourage Preference, after upgrade identities finished, open the Microsoft Entourage gave me all email, contacts, reminder, etc from previous Microsoft Entourage.

Ah ya, I can retrieve solution for that problem in Tanzania by searching through archive mail, that’s why archive email is really important :). Thx Given!


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