iPhone 3.0 Beta 5 expired

This afternoon, I just found my iPhone show pinky screen which ask to connect to iTunes. Can’t do anything, just emergancy call. So I checked by connecting to iTunes which suddenly said iPhone OS is expired. Heh?!. I used iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5 for development, and never know it would be expired. After browsing sometime in internet, I found information that this software was set to be expired on 19 June 2009.

I tried to restore using same iPhone OS which result to failed. Same state, expired. Then realized maybe because official version of 3.0 already released by apple?! I am not following apple news recently, so doesn’t aware about it’s realeased nor it’s expired for beta version. I tried to check for update facility from iTunes, it just said my iPhone using recent version.

Oke, it seem reasonable since iTunes I used was for iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5, which use iTunes version 8.2b. Assuming ‘b’ means beta, I downloaded current release of iTunes. After installed, it show iTunes version 8.2. Fine. Check for updates on iPhone, still says my iPhone using recent version which is 3.0. Heh.

It clear for me to summarize that iTunes can’t decide if iPhone using beta version or official version of 3.0. Some methods come to mind, downgrade and use “check for update” from iTunes to get official version, download official version and use manual restore by pointing to that file, or force iPhone to think it need restore by put it into DFU mode. I tried first method even though already know since months ago that apple notify iPhone can’t be downgrade into 2.x after upgraded to 3.0. Well, they’re telling honest, at least if we use official way for restoring.

So I tried to force it into DFU mode, cause iTunes to detect that iPhone in recovery mode and need to restore. Push check for update for iTunes to get official version of iPhone OS 3.0, download it automatically via iTunes and restore it using official way.

So, my iPhone got official 3.0 now, and it work properly. Oh, and it’s Factory Unlocked, so am not waiting for snow-thing to be implemented on my iPhone within Telkomsel network, by now.


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