Remote Desktop (VNC) with iPhone

So, one of crucial task while supporting operation in a project is “performance monitoring tools”. I can’t talk much about performance monitoring used within HLRi environtment since it’s confidential, but one of mechanism to display monitoring session using remote connection, in this case I am using VNC for remoting desktop.

I need something to access performance monitoring tools from anywhere and by anytime. So in case, some emergency occurred, or some complain come while I am still accompany my wife shopping in a mall, I can access customer networks within short time.

I have iPhone, I have ‘way’ to access customer network using GSM/UMTS connection, and I have VNC client installed on my iPhone. I can access system remotely from my iPhone, or just checking performance monitoring data in a peak time. Thanks to VNC Lite.

VNC Lite

Performance Monitoring
Mobile Terminating Call

I just wondering, can we have this capabilities from other mobile device like Nokia, BlackBerry?I remember PDA like O2 also have remote desktop application but never tried it’s feature using GSM/UMTS. But I am sure controlling desktop using PDA need more effort than by using 2 finger on your iPhone :).

Again, my 2 cents for iPhone.


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