GPS MotionX on iPhone

No, iPhone still not integrated yet in Tanzania. Few months ago, I already predicted one day some company will develop application which use GPS chip on iPhone 3G independently from any carrier. Well, ok, it’s not fully independent since still use triangular capabilities (based on BTS) if we’re inside building and have no direct access to satelite, but still GPS MotionX can be used very well in Tanzania area. So if you’re planning to go to Zanzibar, Mount Kilimanjaro, National Park serengeti, you have iPhone in hand and not willing to pay $500 for Garmin then GPS MotionX is your best bet to know ‘where you are’ in Tanzania.

I live at Dar Es Salaam, Maps from iPhone can also detected my position (I use Vodacom as carrier), but MotionX is still better especially since it has capabilities to record track when we’re moving around the city.

Here’s some picture from GPS MotionX which show where I lived in Tanzania:

MotionX Position
Golf Course Apartment

And of course, while I am moving from one place to another place (the one in picture from Mosque around Office into Office building :P).

Moving Around

iPhone Rock!


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