Ah, ada review yak?! ;p

Buat menambah semangat untuk kedepannya agar tetap menjaga performance, berikut hasil review managemen Vodacom yang diambil untuk semua support dari NSN:


NSN Operations Support Customer Satisfaction Questionery — Oct-Dec/2008


1)  Has Operations Support engineer acted in a professional manner? 9

2)  How satisfied are you with co-operation between you / your team and him? 8

3)  Are you satisfied with his professional expertise / skills? 9

4)  How satisfied are you with his availability? 8

5)  Are your requests handled as those are agreed? 9

6)  Did you get adequate answers to your questions? 9

7)  Do you feel that he is working effectively? 9

8)  Does his activity meet with your expectations? 9

9)  How satisfied are you with the Operations Support manager? 8

10) How much are you satisfied with the quality of our service in general? 8


Well, unggul 2 angka dari rekan yang merupakan support untuk produk IN (Intelligent Network) dan kalah 1 angka dalam hal availability, kayaknya gara-gara gw suka dateng telat ke kantor hehe. IN & HLRi management Vodacom merupakan yang paling ditakutin oleh team NSN, so…this result is not bad for both of us ;p.


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