Unknown error occured (-54) on iPod

I just bought an iPod nano 3rd generation at Changi Airport singapore while transit and waited SQ flight to pakistan. When firstly connected to my MacBook, it asked me to update the version of my iTunes first. Well, I always feel lazy to update the apple software cause lack of bandwidth, so at that time I forced to update the iTunes (yeah, only the iTunes :P). After updating, I can sync the songs from my iTunes into my iPod. Oke, everything seems well.

But today, when I tried to sync the songs into iPod it get error message.


Attempting to copy to the disk “<iPod name>” failed. An unknown error occurred (-54)

I got 2 problem only in 2 days after buy that new iPod, I even haven’t do any nasty thing and it’s somehow broken. Actually the first night after sync the iPod hung, it just hung. I don’t have any idea how to restart that iPod, so I just looked around the internet and found that I can restart the iPod with push the “menu” and “center” button together. After 5 second, the iPod restart and apple logos is shown. I knew that iPod hung because I eject the usb cable before the progress of ejecting finished. I don’t believe it, it just look prone just because I pull the cable out before it finished eject progress, it never happened with my mp4 player before. *sigh*.

Back to error message while syncing the songs. The first thing come into my mind, the root cause of problem just because I didn’t update the iPod version with the new one. iTunes message me that new iPod software version is available and I should update my iPod version, maybe the new version of iTunes is not working properly with my iPod software version since it’s not been updated yet. But after looking around the internet, I got an answer from apple discussion forum that the root cause was sync failed by locked songs. Some of the songs I tried to sync was in locked state and it can’t be sync-ed into my iPod. Someone give applescript to make the songs locked disabled. Here’s the answer:


Open the Script Editor in the /Applications/AppleScript/ folder and run the following:

tell application “Finder”
set locked of every item of entire contents of folder “Music:iTunes” of home to false
end tell

I run the script and then the sync is done smoothly.

Since the first time using computer, I always use either opensource application or pirates application. But since use Macbook and now iPod, i found lot of problem related to legally and limitation. Spend lot of time just to look for some needed application, and it’s difficult (I love my gentoo). Yes, the apple product are exclusive, user friendly, beautiful (yes, apple product shipped beatifully)…but in another side, I feel idiot.


5 thoughts on “Unknown error occured (-54) on iPod

  1. hahahaha…

    heb, kamu perlu ubah pola pikir sebelum beralih dari opensource ke proprietary…

    pake mac, jangan mikir macem2, ikutin aja.. let it flow… šŸ˜› gak usah mikir gimana teknisnya šŸ˜›

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